Homemade Granola Goodness

My middle sister gave me an amazing gift at my mini hen-night in Italy, two nights before the wedding. She had bought a soft leather book with a thin leather tie, which, when closed, looks like it is giving itself a hug 🙂 She then filled it with hand-written recipes, collected from a number of my girlfriends. Amongst the recipes were hundreds of mini photos from different times in my life with my friends & family. AMAZING!  It is now my job to keep adding recipes to this beauty. I am admittedly more lazy than my sis, and am sticking in recipes with glue instead of writing them in 😉  But soon this book will be heaving with goodness.


Many of the recipes in this book have become regular favourites of ours. They taste SO good, are easy and as healthy as you want them to be…. 😉

The first I want to share is this ridiculously delicious homemade granola (my sisters recipe). I make it every 2 weeks and The Great Dane and I eat it religiously every weekday morning (we usually eat something else VERY yummy in the weekends, recipe to come) with greek yoghurt and bananas/ blueberries / strawbs – whatever takes your fancy. You like? You add. The same goes for the types of seeds and nuts I add to this recipe. I add what I happen to have at home. If you like something more, add more. There is no right or wrong with this recipe. I LOVE good oils, so I tend to put more seeds and nuts in this recipe. Use less if you prefer it to be more ‘oaty’.

I hope you will love this as much as we do! ENJOY!


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